WED, Plenary, 8.45am

Roadmap: M3 and M3 Cloud update and strategy

Speaker: Ole Rasmussen, VP Product Management, Infor

This session provides an overview of all the exciting product investments, deliveries, and recent successes for M3, M3 Cloud and the M3-based CloudSuites. You’ll get a close-up look at the roadmap and find out more about the latest strategic initiatives for these products.

Ole Rasmussen is the leader of the Infor M3 product management team. His teams’ role is to drive the strategy and development of the Infor M3 solution and related industry CloudSuites. He has actively supported M3 since 2001 in various senior management positions.

​WED, Strategic, 10.45am

M3 Analytics & Birst – next generation business intelligence

Speaker: Patrick Davis, Solutions Consultant, Infor

Hear about the next generation business intelligence and analytics solutions for M3 and M3 Cloud. The new solutions are based on Birst, the industry leading BI platform, with Data Lake, to take analytics well beyond the traditional role of BI while offering a short time to value.

Patrick Davis has been working with the Infor for over 8 years. As a solution consultant, Patrick specialises in Birst Business Intelligence, and all solutions within the Infor Customer Experience Suite. Patrick has worked with some of Infor’s largest accounts within Australia including the National Australian Bank and Optus.

​WED, Functional, 10.45am

Cloud in practice and what it has meant at RYCO

Speaker: Alex Wang, IT Applications Manager, RYCO Group

In this session Alex will share RYCO’s journey from on premise V7.1 to cloud V13.3. Lessons learned and inspirations gained along the journey will be covered.  Alex will also introduce a few cloud based applications that RYCO has developed to work with M3 to provide more powerful features and add value to business to actively enable sales and level of service.

Alex is the IT Application Manager at RYCO Group. He has been working with M3 for over 7 years and is experienced in areas including finance / sales / integrations and multiple project rollouts globally.

Alex has led the team at RYCO to develop various cloud based applications that work with M3 to enable business.

​WED, Technical, 10.45am

Retail Store Stock Control Matrix

Speakers: Rod Stanton, Head of Systems and Business Intelligence and Nick Walker, Supply Chain and Procurement Specialist, Munro Footwear Group

In this session Rod & Nick will illustrate from a customer lens what can be achieved by utilising extensibility tools within the M3 space. Munro Footwear Group in conjunction with Infor have developed a tool which allows users to bring together sales & inventory information for decision making, with an interface to act on those decisions in an instant. Rod will detail how the tool was developed and came to life, and Nick will give some insight on the how it is able to create huge efficiencies in the business for the Merchandise Planners.

Rod is the Head of Systems and Business Intelligence at Munro Footwear Group, having used M3 for 10 years in different industries. Nick is a Supply Chain and Procurement Specialist. Nick has been with MFG for 12 years; with experience in varying roles in supply chain, logistics, procurement and customer service. He was part of the M3 implementation project team and has now worked in the systems team for 2 years.

​WED, Strategic, 11.30am

​Power BI in an M3 World

Big Data is second only to Big Information at Cellnet where they try and deliver actionable intelligence from M3 and their LOB applications utilising Microsoft SQL Server, Analysis and Reporting services driving a rich Power BI portal. In this session Cellnet will go through how they get the data out, where and when it’s used and the challenges they will need to overcome when considering their migration from M3 CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise single-tenant to multi-tenancy and the arrival of Birst on the scene.

Speaker: William Robertson, BI Architect, Cellnet

William has 25 years of experience building and leading IT services and solutions across Government, Broadcast Telecommunications, Property Management, Software Development, Mining & Manufacturing, Hospitality and Supply Chain & Logistics. He now focuses his efforts on bringing BI back into the boardroom with solutions to visualise business performance and make data-driven decisions for service improvement, risk reduction and value realisation. William is achieving differentiation for Cellnet through modernisation of the data warehouse and BI platform, with emphasis on enterprise-scale data processing, near real-time analytics and predictive modelling to support the demand planning process. His overriding purpose in life is however to work himself out of a job, so the implementation of true self-service solutions is always top of mind when he delivers both internal and external reporting solutions.

Speaker: Sean Kenny, IT Manager, Cellnet Group Limited

Sean is responsible for shaping and implementing the technology strategy and direction of the group.  Sean has been working with Movex and M3 for close to 20 years and has been involved in multiple implementation and development projects.  Sean looks to lead and deliver pragmatic and productive projects which effect positive change in the business and prides himself on being the go to resource when the business requires technology based solutions.

WED, Functional 11.30am

Leveraging Automation to Deliver Rapid Process Improvements

Speaker: Steve Kluss, Director, NAC Consulting

Whether an organisation is intent on reviewing its own back-office systems in shared services, finance, human resources environments or is focused on improving customer experience and intimacy, this session provides insights that will be relevant to everyone.

Weighing up the balance of customer, cost and risk is a major challenge for many organisations, particularly in today’s world of impending automation and increasing regulatory focus. The shift from a process driven workforce to a knowledge driven one is well underway, yet companies are still grappling with a true path to customer service excellence that is cost effective, scalable and efficient.

In this session Steve will elaborate on how existing technologies such as OCR, imaging, automated workflows and workforce management – including emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and open platforms, can integrate into a value proposition for customers to align with their strategic goals.

Steve Kluss is an experienced senior executive career spanning a diverse range of roles within banking, financial services and technology. A strong and diverse academic base that incorporates both domestic and global education programs underpins this practical experience.  As a Director of NAC Consulting Steve has demonstrated a track record in balancing customer experience, operational efficiency and risk management to deliver sustainable profitable growth outcomes in diverse industries.  Steve’s work in delivering automated solutions across end to end processes gives him a great perspective on the key drivers for industries that are transforming into the digital age.

WED, Technical 11.30am

3 years of M3 Client scripting at Toyota Material Handling

Speaker: Martin Stephens, Systems Manager

This session will give an overview of the various applications Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has applied client scripting to in M3. This is mostly a non-technical overview and should apply to any Smart Office, H5, on premise or cloud environment. Since upgrading from M3 7.1 to 13.3 in 2016 TMHA have been using M3 client side smart office scripting. These scripts when mixed with event hub, event hub analytics, web services and MEC, give us a potent tool set to streamline business processes, reinforce business rules, integrate with external systems and generally add value to our use of M3 – without any core modifications.

Martin is the ERP systems manager at TMHA. He has some 40+ years IT experience in various manufacturing environments (flexible packaging, paper, automotive) and has worked at TMHA for 10 years. Martin has been involved in M3 implementations and use since 2000 and is an IMUN Committee member.

WED, Strategic, 12.15pm

Multi-Tenant Cloud – what you need to know and how you might approach it.

Speaker: George McEwan GAM3 Representative and Co-ordinator of the global MT Cloud Special Interest Group

George will share his experiences and learnings about MT Cloud from his role at Alliance Foods and as a long time M3 customer, and outline the purpose and role of the SIG in assisting customers looking at taking the next step on the Infor journey.

WED, Functional, 12.15pm

Pathway to the Cloud at Digga Australia Group

Speaker: Judy Andrews, Head of Finance, Digga Australia

This session will give an overview of the pathway to the approval of the SaaS upgrade for M3 for the  Digga Australia Group.  Digga upgraded from M3 7.1 to 13.4 in late 2018.  Judy will cover some of the learnings from the upgrade process and an overview of Board submission comparing in-house vs SaaS that lead to the Digga Board approving the SaaS upgrade.  The SaaS upgrade is scheduled for February 2020.

Judy is the Head of Finance at Digga Australia.  She has 40+ years experience in ERP systems in manufacturing environments.  In previous roles she was responsible for ERP implementations.  With a double major in Accounting and Computer science, Judy’s career has mainly been in Finance roles but has included many IT projects and secondments.  Judy has been involved with M3 since her employment at Digga in 2014.  Judy recently joined the IMUN Committee as Treasurer.

WED, Technical, 12.15pm

Infor OS extensibility

Speaker: Christian Jacobsson, Principal Solution Consultant, Infor

Tools can help avoid and replace source code modifications – Learn how you can replace or eliminate your modifications using extensibility tools to make upgrading easier, improve stability, and lower your total cost of ownership. You’ll hear how you can stay current with M3 releases by using safe and approved methods to tailor M3 to your unique requirements. We will also cover Homepages, Personalisation, Scripts, Collaboration, Workflows, Custom Fields, Mashups, App Builder and more.

Christian has been working with the M3 product for over 25 years, with his tenure including working for Intentia in Australia, Sweden and Malaysia. As a solution consultant, Christian is responsible for delivering solutions to existing and potential clients in areas of sales, distribution, manufacturing and service as well as products with Mobility and CRM applications. Christian also works with local ANZ partners.

WED, Strategic, 2.00pm

Surviving a major upgrade project

Speaker: Helen Tregonning, Head of Information Services and Transformation, Tegel Foods

In the last quarter of 2016 a long anticipated upgrade from various RPG versions to a suite of products including Infor M3 for Food and Beverage, Warehouse Tracking and Onbase at Tegel Foods got underway. This Transformation Programme involved 2500 employees, three geographically and culturally diverse sites and many differing processes. Helen as Head of Information Services & Transformation will explain Tegel’s change journey, their approach to the project and the ultimate outcomes.

Helen is Head of Information Services and Transformation at Tegel Foods and an experienced, qualified IT Professional with a hands-on approach and a track record of delivery in both the UK and New Zealand. She has over 20 years’ experience in delivering complex and high value projects within tight budgetary constraints and timelines. For the past 2 ½ years she has been Programme Manager implementing a suite of products including Infor M3 for Food and Beverage, Warehouse Tracking and Onbase to Head Office and three sites in New Zealand at Tegel Foods.

WED, Functional, 2.00pm

Warehouse mobility solution for M3 – Factory Track

Speaker: Colin Clarson, Solution Consultant, Infor

Learn how you can improve the efficiency and accuracy in your warehouse and shop floor. Factory Track gives you the insights you need to understand real-time inventory status and increase inventory visibility. The module is an online extension of Infor M3 warehousing capabilities and provides a simple interface to automate transactions using barcode scanners. Infor Factory Track is designed on browser based technology that allows you to deploy a broad range of portable devices addressing a wide range of data collection needs within warehouse operations.

Colin has been in the ERP and Supply Chain Space for over 30 years, starting as a programmer and working his way through a range of positions. He has international experience and has worked on some of the largest ERP deals in the world. Colin is a practical person with over 25 years of experience in the M3 solution.

WED, Technical 2.00pm

Seamless Workflows Leveraging Ming.le

Speakers: Gishan Bamunusinghe, Head of Consulting, ANZ and Buddhika Tudugala, Senior Systems Consultant, Fortude

Infor Ming.le’s intelligent portal helps establish a common workflow and organises conversations into enterprise-wide streams. During this session you will learn and see examples of how Ming.le can be used together with the rest of the Infor OS tools such Infor Document Management, ION workflows and alerts in order to provide a richer ERP user experience.

WED, Plenary, 4.00pm

Customer Loyalty and the Effortless Experience

Speaker: Brett Perkins, Director | Advisor, Malory Street Consulting

As the pressure to capture the attention of an ever increasingly demanding consumer, organisations have to understand what we might need to do for our customers and our customer’s customers in return for their ongoing loyalty. In this presentation, Brett will challenge us, based on current research, the assumptions we have made and the challenges we need to overcome when seeking to deliver the effortless experience.

Brett is a strategic business leader with over twenty five years’ experience specialising in executive, commercial and operations management roles across Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and ICT service industries throughout the Asia Pacific. He is a passionate and active proponent of innovation and digital transformation for business. Having just finished a tenure at Cellnet Group Limited after five years as their Group Chief Operations Officer, Brett was responsible for Cellnet’s Supply Chain and Logistics, Forecast and Demand Planning, Sales and Operations Planning including Business Intelligence and Capability and Sales and Service Support functions.

WED, Plenary, 4.45pm

A deeper dive into M3 Cloud

Speaker: Ole Rasmussen, VP Product Management, Infor

Don’t miss this session for a technical overview of M3 Cloud. Ole will discuss the architecture, new ways of working, continuous updates and the latest capabilities. He will also cover the new M3 administration tools, CloudSuite portal and how to best handle your environments.

THURS, Plenary 8.30am

Future Thinking: decoding tomorrow, driving transformation, and inspiring adaptation

Speaker: Anders Sorman-Nilsson

The rate of change has never been this fast and will never be this slow again. And change doesn’t care if you like it or not. It’s always going to happen without your permission.

The future requires us all to think like futurists, constantly scanning the near and far horizons for change signal in the digital noise.

In this session, you will learn:

a. How to spot and decode early warning signals before they disrupt you
b. How to drive transformation through technology and people
c. How to win the hearts and minds of today’s and tomorrow’s stakeholders on your own hero’s journey of transformation

As the Swedish-Australian founder of Thinque, Anders Sorman-Nilsson (LLB MBA) has become a valued strategist to Fortune 500s and ASX leaders, converting provocative questions into proactive, predictive strategies. A global thought leader since 2005, Anders works across four continents as a speaker, futurist and author.

Anders is an active member of TEDGlobal, was nominated for the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader in 2019, and was the keynote speaker at the G20’s Y20 Summit in Australia.

His presentations are meticulously researched, highly energetic and always fascinating with content tailored to the audience, which is why clients like Apple, Cisco, Mercedes Benz, Hilton, Gartner and Macquarie Bank have turned to Anders over the years to help them to push the bounds of the status quo — translating research into valuable foresight and business impact. Anders has authored three books; Digilogue: how to win the digital minds and analogue hearts of tomorrow’s customer, Thinque Funky: upgrade your thinking and Seamless: A Hero’s Journey of Digital Disruption, Adaptation and Human Transformation.

THURS, ​Panel discussion 9.30am

Future Chaos or Future Calm: How will you (really) work in 5 years?

Your Infor and office technologies are offering a lot of opportunity. But how does this translate to the way you work? Whether it’s AI, Machine Learning, Digital Assistants, or the integration of your Infor systems with your workplace tools, what does your future work really look like and how can you ensure a productive day in the office, not a chaotic one? Listen to a lively discussion that tackles challenges and solutions for harnessing all this disruptive technology. With insights from Infor, Cellnet Group and Munro Footwear. Facilitated by Jason Levick, MD ComActivity.

Jason Levick is a long-time proponent of digital transformation in a business. Through 20 years of exposure acquired across a range of industries, Jason has developed a deep understanding of the why’s and how’s of digital transformation in the M3 workplace. Jason has been leading ComActivity for several years with a rare blend of analytical skills, forward thinking and pragmatism.

THURS, ​11.00am

Multi Customer Sessions for Financial Reporting, Master Data Management and Workflow Tools

In these mini panel sessions customers will share their approach and challenges to these three key business areas, addressing the needs that all customers either have or would like to address.

THURS, 11.45am

Industry Exchanges & Product Enhancement for Manufacturing & Distribution, Food & Beverage and Equipment

Share problems, answer questions, offer solutions and collaborate.  These facilitated forums are an important part of the IMUN agenda and are where you can raise your industry issues with your peers and Infor experts and explore and exchange ideas and solutions that have worked for you and other M3 companies.  Some of the issues raised will suit being included as Enhancement Requests and this will be a good opportunity to ensure ideas raised get the necessary customer support and voting to achieve a prioritised status.

THURS, Plenary 1.45pm

Eliminate or replace source code notifications with M3 extensibility tools

Speaker: Ole Rasmussen, VP Product Management

Learn how M3 extensibility tools can help you eliminate or replace modifications to make upgrading easier, improve stability, and lower your total cost of ownership. In this session you will also hear about the extension capabilities in M3 Cloud Edition which enables you to change the behaviour of M3 business logic through coding. Ole will also briefly discuss how to prepare existing Java modifications in order to make the transition to M3 extensions as smooth as possible.

THUR, Plenary, 2.30pm

Ask the Infor experts

This session is intended to ensure no-one leaves the Conference with any questions unanswered. You will have access to a panel of Infor experts who will take your questions from the floor.